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Our Story

myEsthi was launched in 2019 by our skincare obsessed founder, Amber Budd Peterson in Burnsville, MN.  

Amber had already been running a boutique spa for four years, and launched a skincare line of her own, but had friends and family all over the U.S. who couldn’t make it to Burnsville to have a consultation or service with her.  At the same time, she had clients coming into the spa saying they had tried this or that product which was recommended to them from somewhere - friends, family or other social sources, and it didn’t work for them - or even sometimes made skin conditions or concerns worse.

Amber put the two together and realized there was a need for people to have access to professional, personalized skin care consultations dedicated specifically to YOU and your skin type.  

Armed with her skincare line, Amber Budd Skincare, and a few well-loved and hand-selected brands, she set out to find a development team who could help her turn her vision into a reality: an app that gives you the chance to meet face to face with a Licensed Esthetician – NOT a salesperson – to learn about YOUR skins needs on your time-frame, whether that’s on a coffee break, over lunch, or waiting in the school pickup line.

Thank you for being a part of the myEsthi family, and cheers to great, glowing skin, always.